I was randomly surfing the internet and I came across Sugru, which is a silicon rubber based putty that has the consistency of playdoh but sets hard. I had no real reason to buy any, and it was a little bit too expensive to buy just on a whim, but then I was sucked in to the Amazon Prime day sale and it was on special so whatchagonnado?


Yup, I caved and bought some. I had no burning purpose in mind, but I thought it might be useful one day. Thoughts like this will inevitably lead me to being surrounded bank statements and newspapers going back 30 years, but for now it means I have a new toy.

I saw that Sugru had been used to add little feet to various items so I decided to test it out by adding some to my laptop to improve the airflow when I am DJing for blues dancers. It probably doesn't need it, but I wanted to try the stuff out. The packet I got comes with multiple colours of Sugru, but I went with bright red and decided to use 2 packets to make the feet nice and big. On reflection I think I could have easily got away with more dainty feet and only used one. The individual blobs of stuff are not super big though, so it is definitely good for small jobs, but it would get pretty expensive if you wanted to do something bigger.

It has a very pleasing texture, like soft plasticine or putty, and is very easy to mould. Like so!

Close up of foot

You have about 30 minutes to play with it before it starts to set and it takes about 24 hours to dry. I resisted the urge to poke it before that, so I can't say if it was quicker. It also sticks to lots of things according to the packet and I think people have moulded it to shape by covering the moulded item with cling film then peeling off the film later but as you can see I went for a more rustic look.

The internet has various fun and variably useful ideas of what you could use it for so I am sure I will find something else to do with it before long.

Oh it does have a use by date, my packets run out in 12 months, so don't bulk buy if you don't have a job in mind but the makers say you can extend the life by keeping it in the fridge. Let me see how long it takes for Katherine to notice it.